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The usage of the website are for the people interested in providing technical knowledge on the commodity market and might involve people who are also interested in pursuing this professionally. Together with this, we wish to confirm that the data that is provided by the analysts are independent and doesn’t provide any insights from Users of the data are advised to use their discretion before using the information as would not be responsible for any losses bourn by individuals using the data.

We let the member register on our website with their data – which we presume to be accurate. Your registration will be complete after verification of your details such as contact number, email Id and photographs. Verified analysts who perform consistently on our site are also given a choice wherein, might promote them as well.

We keep history of all post by provided by the analysts so that visitor can check their accuracy. Kindly read term and conditions and disclaimer to use the services.

We bring this service for making sure that frauds can be minimized the trading environment who dupe the investors with huge capital for making paltry money.

To attract visitors for subscribing your real service related to research or news, we never let member delete their post and in case they report fraud continuously, it can be noticed.

Moreover, in case the analyzer is found posting vulgar or breach content on the website in accordance to T&C as stated on website, we keep solely right to delete their post and can terminate their account.


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